Gone Fishing Joke

image: gone fishing
One cold winter a man came home very drunk, like so many nights before, to find out his wife was so upset that she had locked him out of the house. The drunk man decided to spend the night in his garage because he knew there was camping equipment and blankets stored in a few cabinets.

As he rummaged through the gear, he came upon some ice fishing rods and an ice saw, and he had a amazing idea...he would leave and go ice fishing at a nearby lake!

He was so drunk that he decided he would just walk to the lake, which was less than a mile away. He managed to stagger his way on to the ice, set up his stuff and began sawing a small hole in the ice.

From up above he heard a very loud booming voice say, “YOU WON'T FIND ANY FISH UNDER THAT ICE!”

The drunk looked up at the heavens and shook his head as he thought he had too much to drink and was hearing things. He continued to saw the hole in the ice, but once again he heard the loud booming voice from up above say, “YOU WON'T FIND ANY FISH UNDER THAT ICE!”

The drunk stopped and looked up at the heavens and asked, “God? Is that you trying to tell me I should not ice fish?”

The voice replied, “NO, I'M THE MANAGER OF THIS ICE RINK!”

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