Alcoholic Humor's Bar and Addiction Jokes

trust me im an alcoholic paperback,
For years Alcoholic Humor has posted hilarious, over the top, bar and addiction jokes to Reddit and Digg. Who better than a recovering alcoholic to assemble such an awesome collection of drunk jokes and addiction humor.

Trust Me I'm An Alcoholic is for anyone that loves a good laugh! Click here to view the paperback or Kindle version!
"I am like your guys biggest fan!!! i love, love, love, your stuff and share it all the time! Super stoked about the book! Thank for brightening my days!!! YOU ROCK!!!" ~ Amy G. These drinking jokes are fabulous! I purchased a few extra copies for stocking stuffer's. - Pete Probokis
"Very amusing! Insightful and witty. Once you start reading you just can't stop!" ~ Bob Weiman
"One of the symptoms of Recovery is the return of a sense of humor....thank you for helping us laugh again!" ~ Mark Menestrina, MD, FASAM
"People just don't recognize the inseparable connection between Alcoholic Humor and the 12-step recovery process. In this collection of new and old jokes compiled by Tom Cahillane are to be found the raw materials of 12-step recovery." ~ Richard Kramer

Trust Me I'm An Alcoholic - Book Of Bar Jokes By Tom Cahillan

Trust Me I'm An Alcoholic