Blonde and the Lotto Ticket

blond girl,
A blonde finds herself in serious trouble in her first year of sobriety.
Her business has gone bust and she is in financial straits.
She's desperate so she decides to ask God for help.
She begins to pray... 'God please help me,
I've lost my business and if I dont get some money,
I'm going to lose my house as well.
Please let me win the lottery.'
Lottery night comes and someone else wins.
She again prays...' God please let me win the lottery.
I've lost my business,my house and I'm going to lose my car as well.'
Lottery night comes and again someone else wins.
Once again she prays...My God why have you forsaken me?
I've lost my business my house and my car,
I dont often ask you for help and I've always been a good servant to you...
Please let me win the lottery this one time so I can get my life back in order.'
Suddenly there is a blinding flash of light as the heavens open. The blonde is overwhelmed by the voice of God himself....

'Sweetheart, work with me on this....Buy a ticket.'

Forwarded by Jim L.

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