Things I Hate About Stuff

1) People who wear face paint to sporting events.
2) Bull Fights...they kill a bull. WTF.
3) Cooking shows...Way to many on tv and I have zero desire to watch any of them.
4) Rap music with the exception of Eminem
5) Yelling...never ever cool to yell.
6) Grocery shopping...its a necessary evil
7) People who say its a necessary evil.
8) IVR or interactive voice response. Press or say one if you dislike IVR's.
9) When you smoke outside and someone complains. You are outside...shut the fuck up!
10)Hornets...they are evil.
11)DVD packaging. Who the fuck created DVD and CD packaging? I imagine its people that are very serious about security.
11)People who don't like Hedi Klum. And why did Victoria's Secret stop playing the Santa Baby commercials?
12)Michigan road construction. I don't wanna even get started on this topic.
13)People from Nigeria that send me emails asking me if I would be interested in working 10 hours a week depositing large amounts of cash into various banks.
14)People Magazines "Sexy Man of the Year."
15)Paypal a matter of fact eBay as well.
16) Gangsta anything! They're called gangsters and they're very scary people.
17)Harry Potter...I dislike anything about Harry Potter, his silly looking round glasses, and his magical powers.
18) Comcast. Period.
19) Hidden costs.
20) Spam...unless its my spam.
21) Spam...the kind you eat.
22) When your engine light goes on for no apparent reason.
23) Website popups
24) People who send me videos via email I need to download.
25) People who email me videos via email I need to download that say..."This is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen."
26) When I think I know someone and I wave and then I figure out I really don't know them and have to act like I am fixing my hair.
27) People that live in small towns that say, "I'm going outta town" when they visit a city 2 miles away.
28) Website redirects to pages that try and sell you something.
29) People who tailgate on the highway. How much of a hurry can you be in that they need to ride my ass?
30) People on Facebook or Twitter that tell you every move they make.

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