She Love's A Man In Uniform - Drinking Joke

Early one morning I was awakened by a phone call somewhere around 6am. It was a female friend who I worked with for many years who loved to party. She informed me she had been arrested for DUI and asked if I would be kind enough to bail her out of jail.
I headed down to the police station and paid her bail. On the ride to the police auto pound where they had taken her car I asked what happened.
“I was driving north on Coachman Drive and I passed a squad car parked on the south side of the street, so I did a u-turn and pulled up behind him.” She said.
“What made you do that?” I questioned.
“I'm not sure. I guess I just love a man in uniform.” She answered.
“So that's why he arrested you?”
“No. I started to flirt with him and he told me to leave him alone but I kept right on flirting.”
“So that's why the cop arrested you? For flirting with him?”
“No.” She answered. “He told me I appeared to be drunk and if I didn't leave he was going to make me blow.”
“So you kept on flirting and he arrested you.” I remarked.
“Well it was kind of like that.” She replied. “I kept flirting and he did ask me to I dropped to my knees and tried to unzip his pants.”

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