July Joke of the Month

A farmer decided to take his five female pigs to the market to sell at a country fair. While having a beer at the fair, he met another farmer who had five male pigs. After a few beers, they decided to mate the pigs and split the profit. The farmers lived in different towns that were 20 miles apart. So they decided to meet half way, and let the pigs mate. The farmer with the female pigs got up at the crack of dawn and loaded the pigs into his truck and drove the 10 miles to the half-way point to meet his new friend with the male pigs. They let the pigs mate in an empty field. "How will I know if my pigs are pregnant?" The farmer with the male pigs answered, "If they're lying in the sun tomorrow morning, they're pregnant. If they're playing in the mud, They didn't get pregnant." The next morning the pigs were playing in the mud. So he called his farmer friend on the phone, gave him the bad news, and loaded them into his truck to try again. Every morning for more than a week the farmer would look out the window the following morning to see his pigs playing in the mud and would have to drive the ten miles to meet the farmer with the male pigs. On the tenth morning the farmer with the male pigs called him on the phone very early and asked, "Are they lying in the sun or playing in the mud?" "Neither, they're in the truck, honking the horn!''

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