Nun in a Beer Garden Joke

Timmy O'Leary was sitting in the beer garden of his local pub having a cold one on a beautiful sunny day. A nun happened to be passing by and starts preaching about the evils of drinking.
“Drinking is evil and all it will get you is a place in hell!”, cried the Nun.
She continued to lecture Tim and after about five minutes of her ranting he became annoyed.
“Sister”, he asked “Are you a reformed drinker?”
“I've never had a drop in my life!”, answered the nun.
“If you have never drank then how can you say it's evil?” asked Tim. “Why don't you have a drink and then you will know if you are correct?”, Tim questioned.
“Well, I would be willing to try but what would people walking by think of a nun in a beer garden drinking alcohol?”, the Nun asked.
“I'll have them put a shot of whiskey in a coffee mug, and no one will be the wiser.”
The Nun reluctantly agreed and Tim walked inside and asked the bartender for a shot of whiskey in a coffee mug.
“Is that Nun here again!”, asked the bartender.

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