17 Times The Legal Limit

image: I'm not an alcoholic I'm a drunk
Statistics from doubleviking.com

•HIGHEST DOCUMENTED BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVEL -- Unidentified Latvian at .7% Here's an "underground" record, one not recognized by the Guinness book (probably because there was no Guinness representative around to certify it, but let's pretend it's for political reasons). So this 50-year-old Latvian mofo was caught with .7% blood alcohol level. No biggie, right? Let's put it into perspective -- this is 17 times the legal driving limit in Latvia and TWICE the amount considered LETHAL to human beings. And though he was found dead by the cops (yeah, Latvia has cops, go figure), remarkably, he wasn't killed by the frickin' alcohol... HE WAS RUN OVER BY A CAR! Oops! To get his blood alcohol level so high, specialists posited that he must've been drinking home-made alcohol for DAYS as it's impossible to reach that level in one day. See, Steven Petrosino, we're giving you props, but THIS guy went the distance.

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