Who Am I?

I am very useful and usually found to be in the area of about seven inches long. I'm enjoyed by both sexes and you can find me hung, dangling, and ready for action. I have a bunch of small hairy things on the bottom end and a little hole on the top. Ninety-nine percent of the time I'm inserted without objection, slowly at first, into a warm, moist, fleshy entrance where I thrust in and out repeatedly with an increase in speed and body movement. Most anyone would recognise the peculiar sounds I make while being used.
When I'm finished I leave behind a creamy, sticky, white substance which you'll need to clean from the main opening it entered and my shaft to prevent it from dripping or staining. After I am done and you're filled with satisfaction I'm left dangling, hoping for a second or third return later in the afternoon or evening. I am your toothbrush.

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