An Italian an Irishman, and a Polish Dude in a Bar

Image: Leprechaun_28
An Italian, an Irishman and a Polish dude were drinking in a bar. Of course they've had a few and all three think the bar is a really nice place. The Irishman says, “This is a grand bar but I come from County Cork where theres a bar called Thomas O'Shay's. At that Bar you buy a pint, you buy another pint, and then the owner Thomas O'Shay buys the third pint!”

The Italian says, “That sounds like a great bar but where I come from by the South side of Chicago there's a bar named Mario's. At Mario's you buy a beer, then Mario buys a beer...and that goes back and forth on all night.”

The Polish guy says, “That's nothing. Back where I come from in Poland there's a bar called Warzo's. At Warzo's you buy the first drink, you buy the second drink, you buy the third drink...then they take you in the back room and you get laid!”

The two other guys are very impressed. “Wow” said the Irishman. How many times did that happen to you?”

The Polish man replied, “Well it never happened to me but it happened to both of my sisters.”

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