Top Ten Things That Are Impossible to Say When You're Drunk

10) No, I won’t have one for the road. My wife has dinner cooked and I need to go home now.
9) I’m sure you’ll meet someone who’s perfect for you but you’re really not my type.
8) Well hello officer, isn’t it a beautiful night out tonight?
7) No matter what you say I won’t fight you.
6) I’m sorry but I only sing in the shower…never in public!
5) Where’s the nearest bathroom? I won’t vomit here in the street.
4) Its 10pm and I have to leave now so I get enough rest to wake up fresh for work tomorrow.
3) I’m sorry but I don’t dance because I’m so uncoordinated.
2) No, I don’t want to use my ATM card to withdraw more cash.
1) Could you drive me to rehab? I think I have a drinking problem.

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